This podcast was designed to help encourage, equip and edify Gods people with authentic interviews and inspiring devotions to help you through the daily grind! Acts 4:12

Vetran Missionaries Duain and Faye Whittemore have seen God take their faith from small to GREAT as they have watched the miracles the Lord has performed thru their giving.  You want to hear this podcast!

Bro. Mike Thurmond is a spiritual, highly educated man of God.  He doesn't put the hay up too high in the barn to get your head wrapped around it.  His years in the ministry and life have given him some well earned wisdom.  That wisdom results in some fantastic knowledge and advice that any Christian can apply to their everyday life.  This podcast is full of nuggets and is worth the hour long listen even if you need to break it up into a couple of different sessions.  Highly reccomended listening... Enjoy!

Bobby Adcock:  The friendliest person I have ever met.  This man has mastered having a great attitude no matter what the circumstances, day in and day out, year after year.  He gives insight into how he developed this fantastic attitude himself and passes along insight that can help us develop a great attitude ourselves. You will want to hear this podcast more than once!  Give your attitude the boost it needs by hearing this instruction and story.

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